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How Does TITAN Support Your Journey in Aesthetic Medicine?


Aesthetic medicine is a unique specialty, but there are no academic training programs to support your education and preparation for a career in aesthetic medicine. So TITAN created the Injector Development Program to give you a strong foundation. In this unique program, you will spend about 40 hours learning about the specialty, facial anatomy and the “why” behind injection procedures so that you can transition into your new career. Just like in Nursing or PA school, you don’t start with your clinical rotations and in aesthetic medicine, you shouldn’t start with hands-on training. Prepare by learning foundational skills first, then show potential employers that you understand the specialty and have invested in yourself. Then they will want to invest in you!


There are many training programs that claim to “certify” you in aesthetics. But the only true certification is the Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, a board certification from the PSNB. TITAN Placement coaches know this type of information and can guide you to the right hands-on training where you get clinical instruction from practicing injectors. When you choose Course #1 WITH COACHING, you get a TITAN Placement Coach to support your journey from preparation to training to getting that first job. You receive resumé creation support, interviewing guidance, job search support, post-interview coaching and contract review input so that you aren’t alone as you make this transition. Only TITAN provides coaching while you are training to help you feel good about your new career!


Learning doesn’t stop when you get a job but continues throughout your aesthetic career. But social media and the internet has so much random content that it is hard to know what to pay attention to and what is just plain scary! TITAN’s educational platforms provide ongoing learning content that you can trust. Whether it is through the TITAN New Injector Video Library or the Injector Membership program, you will know that the information shared “by injectors, for injectors” will be clinically-sound information to support safe and effective treatment outcomes throughout your career. You will probably also develop some great networking connections so you can have a strong network of mentors and colleagues in the industry.

What do I need to know before I begin aesthetic training?
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Aesthetic medicine is probably the fastest growing area of medicine, yet there are no academic training programs or residencies to guide your training.  It seems that every state has different laws about who can inject and how the practices can be run, so you need to learn much more than injecting skills.  You need to know the laws in your state as well as learn about compensation, marketing, patient education and more.  Aesthetic jobs are not 9-5, involve a lot of ongoing training and take a long time to build a patient base.  You need to truly look at this as training in a new medical specialty and that can’t be done in a weekend.

What is the TITAN Process?
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The TITAN Process™ is a path to help you transition into aesthetics with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.  You start preparing for an aesthetic career by learning the specialty, facial anatomy, and the “why” behind what you will do as an injector.  Then you train with practicing aesthetic injectors in a reputable hands-on training program.  Finally, TITAN supports your ongoing education and career growth with the TITAN Membership program, networking, special training opportunities and a community of mentors.   You receive the guidance of a TITAN Aesthetic Coach throughout this process so that you have support all throughout your transition.

How do I start working with TITAN Aesthetic?
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Start by enrolling in Course #1, Preparing to Be An Aesthetic Injector, as your first step in your career transition journey.  This course will help you understand the history of the specialty, the role of the aesthetic provider, how to create your own “residency” program and how to learn about where you might be hired in your market.  You will also learn about compensation and how to understand the aesthetic selling process.  Finally, you will also learn facial anatomy and why knowing this foundation is so important as your begin learning about aesthetic injections.   When you purchase Course #1, you also are placed with a TITAN Aesthetic Coach to help guide you on your journey!

Why should I work with TITAN Aesthetic rather than just sending out resumes?
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The TITAN team has more than 50 years of experience working in aesthetics on both the business and clinical side. We understand the skills and aptitudes present in good injectors, and have a process of preparing and training new injectors that helps credential you to employers looking for aesthetic providers.   The TITAN Process™ supports you throughout your preparation and then coaches you during your job search, increasing the odds of finding the right position to match your needs.

Why is TITAN different from other training companies?
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TITAN is not just a training company but an Aesthetic Injector Support Connection.  We support injectors with Preparation, Training and Coaching so that injectors of all skill levels can develop aesthetic specialty and clinical knowledge to be safe and effective injectors.  But we also support peer learning and networking from day 1 so that you feel part of an injector community.  TITAN believes that training starts with developing a strong clinical foundation of knowledge about aesthetic medicine.  TITAN’s Clinical Director, Kevin Harrington, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, leads the TITAN faculty of actively practicing injectors while supporting developing injectors in Course #2, “Teaching Your Brain to Inject”.   Kevin is on faculty for both Allergan and Galderma and also was an original faculty trainer for the Academy for Injection Anatomy cadaver program developed by Chris Surek, MD.  With his strong clinical background and industry knowledge, Kevin and his faculty team mentor prospective injectors during the training process.   As previous trainers have said, everyone wants “Kevin in their pocket” as a resource!  

Does TITAN guarantee that I’ll find a job?
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The great “catch-22” in aesthetic injecting has always been that employers want trained injectors, but it is very hard to get a job without experience.   So while TITAN cannot guarantee that you will get a job when you complete your training, we do support you with coaching that includes resume creation, interview guidance, contract negotiation/review support, industry knowledge and most other questions that you can think of!  We also have connections with many aesthetic practices and aesthetic recruiters to help you find a job if you need that additional assistance.

How much does it cost for me to work with TITAN Aesthetic?
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TITAN knows that it can be very expensive to train as an aesthetic provider, so we have intentionally kept our course costs low. You also buy each course individually so that you don’t have a huge payment all at once.   Course #1 is $1000 and includes the eBook, Preparing to be an Aesthetic Injector, the residency checklist, the Complete Face cadaver app – Essentials section, and your own personal TITAN Aesthetic Coach to guide your preparation, training and job search journey.   Then Course #2, Teaching Your Brain to Inject, has a fee of $2200 (or $2800 for 20 hours of CME) for the 6-week home study/interactive webinar course.   You receive studies, videos, protocols, resources and the guidance of one of the TITAN Faculty trainers throughout this course, providing experience, mentorship and the answers to a lot of questions!   Want more information about the value of this Preparation Course?  Visit the TITAN Aesthetic Facebook page to read our reviews.

I’m an experienced injector. How can TITAN support me?
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TITAN Aesthetic has a full suite of education and support resources for active injectors as well.  Whether you are looking for networking, mentorship or industry resources, TITAN is here to support you.  A favorite resource is TITAN Injector Membership program where injectors learn about a variety of products, topics and issues in weekly webinars created “By Injectors, For Injectors!”.   These webinars are all recorded and then placed on the Membership Video Library for viewing at your convenience, so join and start learning from your peers today!

What people say about TITAN Aesthetic

Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality services and ensuring our employers and candidates are happy and satisfied with the outcomes we provide. Here is what some of our clients had to say about their experiences with TITAN.
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Practice Owner and FNP

Despite 30+ years as a practitioner in the field of aesthetic medicine, when it comes to hiring an aesthetic injector, don't think you know it all! The value that TITAN brought to my interviewing process was INVALUABLE. We used the TITAN Screening with two of the candidates I was considering, and I believe it led us to the best choice! The small investment in this service far outweighs the risk of hiring the wrong individual. ***** 5 Stars! Now, on to utilizing TITAN for some training needs for our new injector as well!

New Injector

TITAN gave me an “insider’s view” that helped me make a game plan and gave me direction that ultimately helped me get my current job.  I would recommend Titan Aesthetic Recruiting to medical professionals not yet in the industry, novice injectors like myself, and seasoned Pros because Mary Beth and Kevin have the good of the professional as a whole in mind.  They will be your best advocate not for their own personal gain but for your best possible outcome.

TITAN trained in 2018!

I recently completed the aesthetic injector training with TITAN and it was an excellent experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and experienced, and the hands-on training allowed me to feel confident in my skills. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in entering the field of aesthetic injectables.

Business Consulting Client

The goal at TITAN is to set up and foster long term, mutually beneficial relationships between employer and employee.  MB listens and won't just tell you what you want to hear.  Spending time with her on the phone or in person may not get you the exact answer you want but it will provide the wisest answer that will prove extraordinarily helpful in the long run. She respects both sides of the negotiation process and is really a modern-day matchmaker between clinic and provider.  

TITAN Candidate Placed

Great experience working with Mary Beth and TITAN!  Mary Beth is well connected in the aesthetic specialty and very well respected.  I am so happy with her help in finding my “dream” job.

TITAN Injector Development feedback

I cannot say enough good things about TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting. It is very evident that the entire team has a passion for helping new injectors succeed. Everyone was incredibly helpful and informative. Mary Beth patiently answered my questions about the specialty and has served as a resource ever since. The curriculum flowed very well and is easily   manageable while balancing with other commitments. I feel so prepared as a new injector and cannot imagine transitioning into the field without this strong foundation! I only wish I had heard about this program sooner. Thank you so much, TITAN team!

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