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TITAN has partners across the nation that provide clinically-sound, hands-on training and we are picky about the companies we recommend.  All training programs in the TITAN Network are owned or directed by actively practicing RNs, NPs or PAs AND are trainers for a national training organization or manufacturer AND have established training curriculum and websites AND publish their faculty on their websites. Get your hands-on training from someone who injects regularly, is involved in the injector community and can support you in your development.
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Aesthetic ER®

Aesthetic ER™ is a training offered by Medical Aesthetic Art Institute that aims to train injectors, at all experience levels, what to do in the case of a adverse events.  This kit and training will provide you with all of the essential medication protocols and step-by-step procedures that you will need to manage an adverse event.

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Liftie Aspirator

With so many brands, so many syringe styles, and so many techniques.... aspirating can be a tricky maneuver, especially if you want to be consistent. Liftie Aspirators allow for the most stable aspiration on every brand of filler, and we mean EVERY brand.  Liftie Aspirators also work on so many other syringe styles every great injector (like yourself) uses including 0.3cc, 0.5cc, 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and even 10ml. Just think of how consistent you will be now!

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Tracey Andreason /Color Me Injected

Injector Tracey Andreason provides resources and training for aesthetic injectors across the world. She offers books and e-books specific to injectables, including the most popular one, Color Me Injected. This book is a fun facial anatomy coloring book aimed at helping injectors become masters of facial anatomy. Check out her website to see all the other amazing resources available for injectors.

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INJECTOR-Created Resource – miRing, the medical injector ring, is an adjustable ring that fits over 99% of aesthetic syringes and secures the syringe to your thumb and allows you to perform one-handed aspirations and injections while leaving your other hand free.

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Connie Tray

Use code TITAN for a 10% discount - Connie Brennan designed this treatment tray exclusively for the aesthetic medicine industry. This patented product is uniquely designed to hold different sized vials and syringe materials such as injectable neuromodulators, dermal fillers, local anesthetics, vitamins and immunizations.  The ConnieTray is made of medical-grade plastic that is dishwasher safe, medical-grade cleanser and Caviwipe safe, as well as autoclaveable and is just what you need to organize your day for your patients.

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Aesthetic Practice Solutions

INJECTOR-Created Resources – Aesthetic Practice Solutions (APS) develops products to help aesthetic practices improve their efficiency, profitability, safety, and patient experience.  The BRIVO® line of products, including neurotoxin treatment planning boards, anatomic training tools, and syringe holders, was developed by aesthetic professionals for aesthetic professionals.

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