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Choose the TITAN resources to support your aesthetic practice needs.  
We offer placement support, injector development, and practice resources for compensation and social media.

$ 500 
TITAN Coaching/Placement Support
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$ 750 
TITAN Performance Management Resources (New!!)
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$ 40 
"Intro to Injecting" eBook and Learning Checklist
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$ 1,000 
Preparing to be an Aesthetic Injector Course (Course #1)
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$ 2,800 
TITAN Course #2: "Teaching your Brain to Inject" (with 20 hours of CME)
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$ 2,200 
TITAN Course #2: "Teaching your Brain to Inject"  - No CME
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$ 500 
2022 TITAN Aesthetic Injector Compensation Report and Insights Guide(2021 data)
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$ 250 
Social Media Policy Handbook template
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