TITAN Performance Management Resources (New!!)

To support your practice growth and the development of your team, TITAN provides resources to guide career development and performance management in your practice.  This process gives you tools and resources to support your business goals while also involving each employee in their own development process.

This purchase includes the following resources:

  1. Performance Management Process Overview
  2. Performance Evaluation “What Should Be Included” checklist
  3. “How I Want to Be Managed” Worksheet template
  4. Career Development Planning Worksheet template
  5. Individual Development Step Chart template
  6. Performance Management Annual Calendar guide

The Process Overview will guide you through the entire year’s activities and how to use each template/worksheet.  With this process, you can determine annual practice goals and have a process for communicating these objectives to your team so that they can support these goals with their actions and development activities.  Then use the included resources/worksheets to support the process. All of these resources were developed specifically for aesthetic teams and can be customized for your practice.

We hope these resources help you reach your practice goals annually while retaining top talent in your practice.

$ 750 
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