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Do you want to see all of the content for both the TITAN Clinical and Business Memberships? Then the Full Support membership is for you! Purchase this membership and receive access to the full array of TITAN membership resources and build clinical and business skills with your peers for a full 12 months from purchase.
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Benefits of Membership Include

  • Monthly Clinical Webinars (2-3 each month) to help you advance your knowledge and skills –

    • Watch live or view archived versions at your leisure

    • Presented by Aesthetic Provider peers with active clinical practices

  • Networking Groups so you have colleagues available for idea sharing

  • Mentoring options to allow you to learn from experienced providers willing to share their knowledge (additional fees will apply when arranging relationship with mentor)

  • Online Journal Clubs where you can learn and share research news, discuss new products/treatments and scientific publications

  • Mastermind Club Matchmaking is also available so you can be aligned with other providers who have similar goals for business growth

  • TITAN Aesthetic Learning Center access for your professional growth

    • Rent 5 or 10-minute videos created by the best RN, NP and PA injectors in the business and pay only $5 or $10 per video (24-hour rental)

    • Watch archived webinars from previous learning sessions

    • View informational videos from TITAN business partners to learn more about resources created for and often BY aesthetic injectors

  • Special Educational Events for new products and techniques (some may have an additional fee based on learning opportunity)

  • Special TITAN Member Logo to add to your social media pages, website or credentialing pages!

What people say about TITAN Aesthetic

Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality services and ensuring our employers and candidates are happy and satisfied with the outcomes we provide. Here is what some of our clients had to say about their experiences with TITAN.
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Practice Owner and FNP

Despite 30+ years as a practitioner in the field of aesthetic medicine, when it comes to hiring an aesthetic injector, don't think you know it all! The value that TITAN brought to my interviewing process was INVALUABLE. We used the TITAN Screening with two of the candidates I was considering, and I believe it led us to the best choice! The small investment in this service far outweighs the risk of hiring the wrong individual. ***** 5 Stars! Now, on to utilizing TITAN for some training needs for our new injector as well!

New Injector

TITAN gave me an “insider’s view” that helped me make a game plan and gave me direction that ultimately helped me get my current job.  I would recommend Titan Aesthetic Recruiting to medical professionals not yet in the industry, novice injectors like myself, and seasoned Pros because Mary Beth and Kevin have the good of the professional as a whole in mind.  They will be your best advocate not for their own personal gain but for your best possible outcome.

TITAN trained in 2018!

I recently completed the aesthetic injector training with TITAN and it was an excellent experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and experienced, and the hands-on training allowed me to feel confident in my skills. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in entering the field of aesthetic injectables.

Business Consulting Client

The goal at TITAN is to set up and foster long term, mutually beneficial relationships between employer and employee.  MB listens and won't just tell you what you want to hear.  Spending time with her on the phone or in person may not get you the exact answer you want but it will provide the wisest answer that will prove extraordinarily helpful in the long run. She respects both sides of the negotiation process and is really a modern-day matchmaker between clinic and provider.  

TITAN Candidate Placed

Great experience working with Mary Beth and TITAN!  Mary Beth is well connected in the aesthetic specialty and very well respected.  I am so happy with her help in finding my “dream” job.

TITAN Injector Development feedback

I cannot say enough good things about TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting. It is very evident that the entire team has a passion for helping new injectors succeed. Everyone was incredibly helpful and informative. Mary Beth patiently answered my questions about the specialty and has served as a resource ever since. The curriculum flowed very well and is easily   manageable while balancing with other commitments. I feel so prepared as a new injector and cannot imagine transitioning into the field without this strong foundation! I only wish I had heard about this program sooner. Thank you so much, TITAN team!

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We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Thank you for choosing us!
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